Terms subject to change without notice or notification. Allow and accept field is required for levels of access including;


1. "Guest" license; can use free starter basic, and now even basic-premium, versions by following license agreements including accepting the following mutual intended understanding of users and end-users:Trademarks, common law, and all other Rights, by respective apps and companies. Agreement to "Respect The Rights of Others" agreement: This means that all the Users and their End-users must abide by any/all user-based permission-based licenses. Each user must agree to retain responsibility app license(s) for any/all parts account access to apps they use and access and abide by all respective agreements of use thereof. Users licensed for apps not licensed for Patent Rights. We own the interactive phone number. "License" does not extend to U.S. Patent Rights. Only as non-commercial private user "license" and individualized end-user agreement. Users and end-users are required to obtain any/all other licenses using other applications and equipment related and non-related software implementations. Terms subject to change without notice or notification.


2. "Full" license; All Rights, responsibilities and privileges of "guests" outlined above including the following; Tap here www.callendarcall.com for your extended use; Full License, Premium, Professional, and higher level versions.


Users and their End-user's Privacy Policy:

All entities, users and end-users hereby one hundred percent accept responsibilities and one hundred percent agree to responsibilities stated and implied in terms for each the programs in connection to each the respective applications and programs use. 

Users are 100 percent responsible to have HIPAA fully compliant office and work environment and users shall at all times agree to maintain all lawful requirements at all times. Secured communications must be responsibilities entities distributing the programs to and for users and end-users. For example, financial, legal, physician, healthcare related communications must be established by programs with required levels of security and privacy. For instance, scheduling payments, shopping, transferring, communicating matters or events using "Pay, Buy, Book Now" (buttons) in a connection with applications and program events. For instance, 8x8®, LogMeIn123® and other programs may become employed programs for such use. Users are 100 percent responsible to have secured software related compliance for use of this product or service in practice not limited meaningful use, electronic health records as well as all other standards and protocols. Users give permission to enable external and third party programs to integrate. Users are to use encryption in required events and/or communications, and not encryption for illegal activities and/or to intentionally evade the law and your governing bodies of your government's rules, statues and laws. Users have the the same responsibility to check events when encryption programs are in lawful use. Terms subject to change without notice or notification.


End-users' Permissions:

Adding your Callndr® CALL Talking Head®;

Selecting "Accept" or "Allow" in the dialog box above is to allow this program has least number of permissions required for operating in your device and working on your browser. The following are the only permissions your Talking  Head® requests;

Your Talking Head® extension may change the way your browser works.

It can:

  • Read and change all your data on the websites you visit

  • Communicate with cooperating applications ("apps") or websites.

  • Manage your apps, extensions, and themes

The Talking Head® program (application or app) requests access to the narrowest permissions necessary to implement the Talking Head® product’s features or services. If more than one permission could be used to implement a feature, Talking Head® requests only those with the least access to data or functionality.


The Talking Head® app will put an icon/logo next to phone numbers and e-mail addresses. To this extent this is how the above outlined permissions is working to "change the way your browser works" and so as to "read" only information already in the public domain, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. The Talking Head® app is not changing the phone numbers or e-mail addresses, it's reading this information (data) from published sites.


The Talking Head® app does not collect data. The Talking Head® app does not store data from the sites you visit. The Talking Head® app does not really care about what you are doing or where you visit. The Talking Head® app is not interested in any of your personal data or personal information. The Talking Head® does not care to save, store or collect any of the other information (data) from any of the other sites, which you may visit.

Talking Head® will be enabling you ("user") to interact with phone numbers and e-mail addresses from various sites and applications. Talking Head® technology's method or process is interacting with your computing device and it's making phone numbers and e-mail addresses this data or information interactive for the user (you). You should abide by any other apps' or sites' terms, conditions, licensing, privacy and permissions requirements.

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