#1 How to change default setting for the voice/messaging calling feature to get all the apps you like?

Sign-up here (click) to be on the list for your full premium, profession, enterprise versions. Upgrade your account to access many more apps interacting with the interactive phone number. Get the Callndr® CALL Talking Head® Helper app from our website and using PayPal®. Enjoy experiencing the interactivity with your favorite group, network of friends, family associates and other businesses using the security of the U.S. Patented Technology and the interactive phone number. We've included many of the premium version's features even with free starter basic versions. Enterprise companies will provide your Talking Head® Helper premium app to their smaller companies, distributors, and consumers for free. We're going to be offering it in directly to people who register today. This is a limited offer. So, Act Now!

#2 Why are some phone numbers not working?

Sometimes web sites and other applications have the phone and electronic messaging connection in an image format not electronic format. The Talking Head® is working "inside" all the messaging apps. Like, in the message box of all your messaging apps. The Talking Head® is working "inside" and "outside" all the apps using Microsoft® Skype® as a default. For more functionality on "outside" sites and applications using the bridge is the way to go.


#3 How can I get more functionality to change browsers and more calling/messaging features?

These are more features for the premium, professional and business enterprise level and their connected network of customers. Versions other than basic-premium have a great deal more functionality. The enterprise applications from commercial sponsors and vendors even greater! Contact us about how to activate these features. To see other phone and messaging providers, just right click on your Talking Head® and see your selection. People are free to choose provider preferences for making phone calls and sending messages!

#4 How can the Callndr Call® Talking Head be disabled and enabled again?

Right click over the Callndr Call® Talking Head logo icon symbol in the browser tool bar. The Talking Head® icon is in the upper right corner of the address bar on your browser. See the options display in the drop down tile menu. To temporarily disable your Callndr CALL® Talking Head® "Callendar Call" roll over or hover your mouse pointer over the Callndr CALL® Talking Head  > right click > select "Manage" > "Disable". You can repeat this to "Enable" again at any time and place. (Sometimes the Talking Head gets carried away trying to help everyone everywhere, every place people like.)


#5 Do version basic-premium Callndr Call® tool work better?

Yes. Enterprise level sponsors and commercial vendors pay for your premium use, to enable the optimal Callndr CALL® Talking Head® features for their patrons using Google®, Microsoft®, Apple®, Yahoo!®, Facebook®, Samsung®, CISCO® and other enterprise customers. Although, virtually all of calendar related implementations use a form of the iCalendar, the Callndr® CALLTalking Head® tool is U.S. Patented #8,666,772. So, unless the programs that you're using, your ISP, or computing device and related programs are Officially licensed users, vendors or sponsors, this is the functionality is afforded to you.


#6 What happened to changing email default settings, social network sign-in, features?
Since we've Upgraded The World to basic-premium features, we temporarily removed e-mail default settings. People sign-in using social networking features. But, it's optional with starter versions. These, and other features, will be in registered customer's upgrades. Meanwhile, enjoy your free starter versions!


Callndr® CALL Talking Head® is U.S. Patented Technology. The Callndr Call®Talking Head® enables your applications, search pages, other web sites, business & social networking, including calendars. Any event using the interactive phone number. Our technology is using the patented method for phone calling, electronic messaging/mail right from all your sites, using all the apps you like! Microsoft®, Google®, Facebook® and others are using our technology.

The Callndr® CallTalking Head®

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