Voice Calling/messaging apps right from all the applications you like
Now there's a new way to turn all the apps you like into voice and messaging apps! 
Start making phone calls and sending electronic messaging/mail using all the apps people like. Make all phone numbers interactive phone numbers interacting with all the apps people like.
Select all the apps people like, and add more friends, family, associates, other business connections, scheduling events management planners and more
First you'll need to get Google® Chrome browser. Next, add The Callndr® CALL Talking Head® app from Google Chrome® Store. Now just all the phone numbers become interactive!
Get your Talking Head Helper® app on this website for your premium features. All your apps will be interacting using all the apps people like when using your Talking Head®.
Use only the apps and providers that you choose for voice, messaging and phone calling. 
Or, use them all! Also visit us at TalkingHead.XYZ for more information.


So All The People Remain Free To Choose All the Apps They Like!
It's easy. Remain free to choose apps for making phone calls using all the voice and messaging apps you like. Works on all the web using all the apps and sites you prefer. No need for any out dated generic "Call" buttons. Continue using all your apps you already use.
Get Your Talking Head® Today

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Talking Head Helper ®

Talking Head Helper ® is to help you access many more apps.

Turning all your apps into voice, interactive phone numbers, electronic message/mail interacting with all the apps. Also visit us at TalkingHead.XYZ for more information.

Never get another wrong phone number! 

 So, here's how: 

  • Add your Talking Head® app

  • Add all the apps you like, using your Talking Head® Helper premium upgrade   

              Watch this video.     


Turns all into interactive apps, interacting with all like this (above)